Who pays for Netflix?

A simple way to balance shared spending in your relationship.

toos is the easy way to organise and balance shared spending between couples. Things like rent, utility bills, drinks and holidays. No guessing, no spreadsheets, no shared bank account.

Your shared spending history.

See who paid for what and how much it cost. Simply connect your bank account and select the transactions which are shared between you and your partner. In one glance see what you and your partner have spent with each other.

  • Only share the information you want. toos keeps your balance, and income private. You only choose the transactions you want to share.
  • Import transaction directly from your bank account. Select shared transactions in a single tap.
  • Keep track on what, and where, you spend.

Automatically see who owes what.

No more spreadsheets or pulling out the calculator. toos keeps an ongoing balance so can you see exactly who owes money, and who's waiting to be paid.

  • Instantly see your financial position and be able to budget with confidence.
  • Transfer money and settle the balance in a single tap.
  • Know exactly who paid for what. Make money arguments a thing of the past.

Works with any two bank accounts.

Setting up a joint bank account usually means someone having to join a new bank. With toos each user can be at different banks - and pretty much any bank.

If things don't work out it's easy to separate your toos - unlike a joint bank account!

  • No need to move bank. Just connect your existing account.
  • Your bank information is 100% secure and kept private.
  • If you decide to part ways just settle up and disconnect your account.

A new way to manage.

No more spreadsheets, no more pulling out the calculator. toos handles every aspect of your relationship finances automatically.

  • Keeps you and your partner on the same page.
  • No more logging in and out of multiple bank accounts.
  • Transparency of information means less arguments.